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The ONLY clinic in NY and PA offering Zyma Air Therapy™, a state-of-the-art cooled air device that kills lice and nits in just 20 minutes

Lice, YUCK, nobody wants it!

However, at some point, it usually impacts us or someone we know. A lice infestation can be embarrassing, overwhelming, frustrating and even frightening. This is why we’ve created Louse-Y Lice, LLC. We are a confidential Lice Treatment and Removal service using the newest technology to treat your lice infestation in ONE- 30 minute treatment using Zyma Air Therapy™!

Over the counter products contain harsh chemicals, are expensive and most often NOT effective. It takes a lot more than a wash to get rid of nits (the eggs left behind by adult lice) and end your lice problem. At Louse-Y Lice, LLC we have certified, trained technicians who only use natural products to treat your hair.

WE WILL SOLVE YOUR LICE PROBLEM and have you back to school/work right away!

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Community Services


Community Services

  • Day Care/School Group Head Checks
  • Informational Session for Professional Groups




  • 30 minute treatment using Zyma Air Therapy™!
  • Comb out to remove debris
  • Head Checks for the Entire Family
  • Natural Treatment Products
  • Home Care Instructions
  • Follow Up Head Checks
  • Education to Prevent Reoccurrence
  • 100 % Guaranteed and Confidential

Natural Products


Natural Products

  • Mint Serum
  • Mousse
  • Daily Prevention Shampoo
  • Daily Prevention Conditioner
  • Leave in Mint Spray
  • Mint Detangling Spray

How it all started

In 2017, Andrea had her first personal experience with head lice when her daughter came home from school with an active case. Andrea raced to the pharmacy to buy one of the traditional over-the-counter products and spent days combing the products through her daughter’s hair. But, despite spending a lot of time and money (on toxic products that don’t work), she just wasn’t able to defeat the infestation. Andrea called Sara for help.

Together, Andrea and Sara searched on-line for a professional lice treatment company who would come to the house and help, with no success.

That’s when the two friends had an “ah ha” moment! They knew they couldn’t be the only families in their area that had to deal with head lice and couldn’t find a professional to help them. So, they decided to start a business to offer families easy access to professional lice checks and lice treatments using non-toxic lice products.

Our Team

Sara Powers, Louse-Y Lice Horseheads, NY

Sara Powers

Co-Owner / Certified Technician
Sara Powers, Louse-Y Lice Horseheads, NY

Sara Powers

Sara has a degree in Speech and Language Disabilities and Literacy and has worked in the field of education and social work for over 20 years. Sara has 3 children and lives in Geneva with her family.
Andrea Robinson, Louse-Y Lice Horseheads, NY

Andrea Robinson

Co-Owner / Certified Technician
Andrea Robinson, Louse-Y Lice Horseheads, NY

Andrea Robinson

Andrea has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been in the education field for over 20 years. Andrea has 4 children and lives in Horseheads with her family.

The Safe and Effective Lice Removal Service


Professional head lice removal in Elmira, New York

Just thinking about head lice gets your skin crawling. Those tiny, wingless creatures crawling around the scalp, laying eggs, and causing itching & scratching. Untreated, the excessive itching can turn into sores and possible infections -- that’s no good! Many children are bound to get lice, especially if they’re active in child care and school environments. In fact, between 6 and 12-million kids will get head lice each year. Luckily, lice and nits removal is a fairly simple process given you use the right tools or lice removal services. Forget home lice removal and, instead, come to our lice treatment center for safe and effective delousing without harsh chemicals and slow results.

Removing Lice with Zyma Air Therapy™ Cooling Technology

The lice of today are hardened because of common lice & nit treatment solutions. Delousing requires a lot more than applying hefty amounts of harsh chemicals like pyrethrin. What your child needs is the cooling technology of Zyma Air Therapy™. Zyma Air Therapy™ is a fast and effective solution for getting rid of lice. Your child will see and feel relief in just one 30-minute session without having to rely on lice shampoo and aggressive combing. Getting rid of lice is what we do best. The professionals at our NY lice treatment clinics will have your child back in school right away! Are you an adult with lice? Don’t feel embarrassed! We’re here for you and can work with your schedule so you can get in, get lice treatment, and get back to work without disruptions.

The Cool Way to Treat Lice

We have several types of head lice treatments and preventative solutions. Whether you need a daily shampoo or leave-in spray or the full-on delousing with Zyma Air Therapy™, we know you’ll appreciate our natural approach to getting rid of lice and nits. Book your appointment today, and say goodbye to that itchy, scratchy annoyance!